sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013

Upcoming Post

Hello! I know I haven't been on for a looooonggggg time! But I'm very busy with school right now.

I really want to post a recent mani, but.. I haven't done any lately. (Sorry 'bout that) I think I'll just do a swatch for a polish and post it soon, so I can post both a swatch and a pic of my brand-new, "upgraded" almond/stiletto nails. I'm just giving you a clue: they aren't as round as before. They don't tend more to a "U" shape than to a "V", so yeah, I think you got it all.

Anyway, just not to leave this post picture-free, I'll post one right now.

Okay, so I miss the Caramel Frappuccino a lot already! Haven't had one since last year (saying that because I had the last one in December). Can't wait to get some money and go get one. I gotta refill my monthly Starbucks dose (which hasn't been refilled ever since). Love you all! xx

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