marți, 18 iunie 2013

Nail Care Routine


As I haven't really took much care of my nails for a while, I decided to share my new nail care routine with you!

It's quite easy, I found it through cutepolish's videos. Here are the steps:

SMOOTH! Make sure your nails are clean, and apply a cuticle oil/cream/gel (I used both Moraz's Nail Oil and AVON's Aloe Cuticle Gel, and I have to admit the oil had better results!). Gently rub it all over your nails and skin surrounding them (and also cuticles, obviously), and let it dry for 2 minutes.

PUSH! Grab a cuticle pusher (it can either be a metal one, like I used, or an orange stick, or anything else you use for pushing your cuticles). As I said before, I'm not the kind to push them, but I don't advise you to cut them. I'm that kind of perfectionist so, if there are dry cuticle bits, I grab my scissors and cut them a bit. Anyway, another useful advice is the next one: DO NOT PULL the cuticles from the base to the tip to push them after that. Just push them to the nail base (you can even use one of your nails as a help -if you have long nails- for this step), but try not to lift them. It's a bit hard to find my words to explain this step, judging by the fact that it's almost midnight here and I'm REALLY tired. (I haven't slept well for 3 days!)

HYDRATE! Here I'll be very specific: ONLY USE HAND&NAIL CREAMS! I have mine from a gift set, it's really nice-scented and it hydrates the whole skin. Just apply a bit on your palms and rub your whole hands (including nails and cuticles), then wait 5 minutes till the next step.

SEAL! Wipe away the cream & oil residue on your nails with a cotton pad or tissue, then apply a nail hardener. Mine has a slightly milky tint and it dries fast, and a bit like Seche Vite-looking.

Here are some steps for beautiful and healthy nails (and smooth hands, too!), and I hope it helped you. Below it's shown through pictures. Enjoy! xx

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