sâmbătă, 30 martie 2013

Nail Treatment Tip

And also, I couldn't forget to share a very useful tip for you all (and a product).

You can find different natural nail treatments at pharmacies or at different stores where are sold only natural products.

A very useful treatment would be the medical herbs nails&cuticle oil. You just have to apply a bit on the nails, cuticles and dry skin around them (and not just around nails, I added a bit of cuticle oil on a scratch from my cat and the next day it looked a lot more healed!).

Here, I have my medical herbs oil from Moraz (I've had it for a while, like 1 or 2 years; you don't have to worry if you can't use it all in a short time, it doesn't have an expiration date). Here's a tip which really helps: if you have only about 1/3 or 1/4 left in the bottle and you can't reach it too easy, you can mix it with some olive oil (which is also very good for nails and dry skin). The mixing of the oil will only have a better result on your nails and dry skin. But I advise you: don't use it on all the dry skin of the body. This oil is especially made for the hand and feet treatment because we all know these parts of our body are the most exposed to skin-drying.

I hope this tip is useful for all of you. Also, here's a bonus: it doesn't usually cost too much, I won it on a magazine giveaway together with other products such as lip balm and hand cream, also from the same brand. I searched for its price on the Internet on the official Moraz site (for Romania) and you only have to pay for the shipping (don't worry about the shipping to other countries: Moraz sells and ships worldwide!).

These nails&cuticle oils are usually made out of the following plants: Polygonum extract 99% (the percentage for this oil treatment) , Artemisia vulgaris, Myrtus communis, Salvia officinalis. If your product has at least one of these plants in it (be sure to check the ingredients!) then you've chosen a good product. Wonder why? These ingredients penetrate the deepest skin and nail layers, yet you have to be very patient if you want to have visible results in a short time: these oil treatments MUST be applied for at least half an hour, so it's recommended to do this when you're watching a movie (which doesn't involve eating something using your hands), reading a book, listening to music or simply relaxing.

I hope this is also useful, if these treatments work for you, too, leave a comment, mentioning what brand the product is from and how long you've followed the treatment. xx

Late Red Nose Day post

Here's another post with some Red Nose Day-themed manis. I couldn't post them earlier because I couldn't find them and Blogger wouldn't work when I tried to create this blog.

Anyway, enjoy these Red Nose Day manis!

What do you think? Sorry for the middle finger nail, I was in a hurry and it didn't really come out the way I wanted. xx

Sweet Missoni

Hello! How's everyone?

Today's mani is quite simple. It's about the Missoni manicure. I know, this is a quite difficult pattern which requires a lot of patience. Luckily, I made it a lot easier. I'll show you what I mean in the following picture:

Easy breezy, right? Because a manicure doesn't always mean doing ALL of your nails. You can only do one nail from each hand (it doesn't matter which one). I absolutely recommend this technique for the ones who like to keep it simple and not too eye-catching (even though one nail is MORE eye-catching than all of them). Here, I used , as base coat, the hardener in the picture from Chissa (tchee-sá) and, for the Missoni, Golden Rose Paris Baby Blue, some sort of jelly (I can't remember the brand, though..) and Golden Rose full-coverage silver glitter polish. For the top coat, I also used this jelly-like hardener, as I noticed from past experiences with this one that it makes the nails shinier (especially for the Saran Wrap manicure).

I hope you like this simple manicure, and if you have any suggestions for this one, leave a comment below. Love you lots! xx

vineri, 29 martie 2013

Mani Mix

Hey everyone! Here's another post on mani mixes. It's all about mixing different models, patterns and create a unique mani. Here's an example:

Here, as you can see, I mixed some simple styles (Black French with sheer pink base and a bit of slight shimmer; silver glitter polish with random sheer pink stripes; polka dots on white base) with a bit more sophisticated ones (camouflage and Ikat).

Well, here, it's just a roses pattern inspired by some lovely Dr. Martens (ignore my creepy cat, Raven, in the background). This one would go well on a mani mix with black French mani, some glittery patterns (or just a nail with glittery base) and also with some spring-themed patterns.

What do you think? If you have any suggestions for this theme, feel free to leave a comment, maybe I'll do some Mani Mix requests. :) xx

Just came around to say..

Hello! First, I want to say a few things:

1. This is a blog dedicated to nail-art, but sometimes I can also post other stuff than nail-art.
2. Most of the nail arts you'll see here are MINE! I guess there are going to be posts with inspiration from other blogs, but just saying..
3. If you want to leave a comment about the manis I'll post (eg. how to do a specific model) I'll either reply sending a link with a tutorial, or explaining how to do it, or just do a tutorial on my own, video or by pictures) feel free to do it. It also works with nice reviews, comments etc.
4. Well, there's no no. 4, I guess.. Oh, actualy, there is. And this is quite important. I DO NOT own products from brands like OPI, China Glaze, Orly and so many thers like these ones because they aren't shipped to my country (I guess) and it's a bit difficult for me to afford brand products. So, if some of you are lucky enough to be Romanian, I'll anyway post the brands I use, even though they may not be so known to everyone (unfortunately, they don't have a specific name for each colour, but I'll try to name them as specific as I can, sorry about that..)

Oh, and don't forget. If you also want me to do specific manis or something like that, if you have suggestions for posts (about manis) feel free to leave a comment on a recent post so I can see it easier. If you post it on an earlier post and I didn't notice, you can leave a comment on a recent post directing me to the post you left the comment. (just the title of the post or what it was about, something like that).

Well, that's all for now. Hope you'll enjoy each post on my blog.

Lots of love, and here's the first nail-art post.

On the thumb nail it's supposed to be some kind of Ikat, but I was a bit tired when I did this manicure, and the black lining border came out a bit weird.. Anyway, I hope you like it, I'll post some recent manis soon. :* xx