vineri, 29 martie 2013

Mani Mix

Hey everyone! Here's another post on mani mixes. It's all about mixing different models, patterns and create a unique mani. Here's an example:

Here, as you can see, I mixed some simple styles (Black French with sheer pink base and a bit of slight shimmer; silver glitter polish with random sheer pink stripes; polka dots on white base) with a bit more sophisticated ones (camouflage and Ikat).

Well, here, it's just a roses pattern inspired by some lovely Dr. Martens (ignore my creepy cat, Raven, in the background). This one would go well on a mani mix with black French mani, some glittery patterns (or just a nail with glittery base) and also with some spring-themed patterns.

What do you think? If you have any suggestions for this theme, feel free to leave a comment, maybe I'll do some Mani Mix requests. :) xx

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