vineri, 25 iulie 2014

BPS Collaboration


I have some news to share with you.

First of all, I sent BornPrettyStore a request for a collaboration. This involves receiving free samples monthly which value $10-$50! Isn't this awesome, receiving products without having to pay?

Second of all, you can use my discount coupon code SVPPX31 and get 10% off if you purchase anything from their website. The other good news about the code is that, if it will be used up to 3 times, I'm offered free samples from BPS to review, which is the main purpose of the collaboration. You use the discount code, I get free samples which I post every month about.

That's it for now, I'll soon be back with some nail art. Until then, don't forget - place your BPS order using the discount code SVPPX31 to receive 10% off your purchases.

Thanks and I'll see you next time. Kisses!

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