luni, 8 aprilie 2013

Tip of the week - "Smokey" issues

Hello! How's everyone?

Recently, I've been told about this issue: some girls smoke and they don't know how to get the smell of the smoke from their nails (and hand skin). Here are some useful tips, and I've also tried them (I don't smoke, I tried them after holding an already lit cigarette in my right hand).

1. If you don't really use to do your nails, I strongly advise you to apply at least a thin layer of clear polish, which you can wipe away with polish remover after you smoke. Wanna know why? It's way better than having your nails bare and catch all the smoke directly on them. So, it's simple. Just apply some clear polish, you also protect your nails.

2. If you have your nails done but don't want to wipe them away, it's actually easy (and it's also a tip for skin). You can wash your hands and nails with alchohol for medicinal usage. Not that you only get rid of the smell of the smoke, you also disinfect your skin, which is good.

3. Also, you can spray some perfume on your fingers - your hands will also smell nice. Here's an addition, as the smell of the smoke still doesn't "leave" the nails, so just wipe them very quickly with alchohol or polish remover (don't press on the nail, just wipe, like taking off dust -sorry, it was the first thing that came on my mind as a movement to associate-. Of course you don't want to ruin your manicure!)

I think I'll soon try some more manicures following Chelsea King's tutorials on YouTube at and I'll also think of some fashion inspiration (or events.. now it depends if I can find out about about an upcoming event, like a fashion show or something like this).

Oh and also, don't forget that this month is dedicated to autism. If you go on Instagram you'll find as hashtag #bluenailsforautism and quite soon I'm going to do some manicures and make ONE post with all the nail-arts. Love you all!

Again, if you want to share your nail art with me, you can feel free to post either a link (if you post them on the internet) or simply tell me which pattern(s) you chose. You can also leave suggestions for nail-art. In a few years I'll take nail-art classes so I want to improve my technique. If you have any ideas which could help me, leave a comment below! xx

By the way, what do you think about skeleton shirts? I'm really looking forward to buying or making one for the summer. Here's a preview of what I'll try to do out of a quite large T-shirt. (picture from Internet, not mine!)

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