luni, 6 mai 2013

Double Swatch

Hello, guys! I know it's been a while since I've last posted on this blog.

Here's the upcoming post I told you about in my last post.

And yeah, sorry but ALL my nails broke (also, two of them broke AGAIN!) and I had to re-shape them. Not that they hadn't been a very useful weapon for a few weeks but meh..

Anyway, the first polish is Flormar #424. It's some kind of seafoam green créme, and when I took the pictures I couldn't capture its actual colour (and because of the laziness I didn't edit the pictures to make the colours look like the real ones). I had a bit of bad luck with this one, and I'll tell you some reasons:
1. When I bought it, it was very, very, VERY thick and I had to dillute it. Unfortunately, I didn't see that I added acetone. Anyway, it all became a huge mess, as it was still thick, so I added more, still unaware that I kept adding acetone.
2. Before dilluting it, I noticed that my polish bottle was only HALF filled, so I may have not been its first user..
3. After dilluting it, it was still a bit thick and uncontrollable, but I managed to apply 2 thin and 2 thick coats on my nails. And, obviously, as if I wasn't angry enough, I accidentally poured some polish on my desk! And on some other polishes! Great. -.-
And, as if it wasn't enough, I couldn't remove it with a cotton pad and acetone! I had to scratch it off my nails. Double great!

I had way more luck with this one! This is a true green (or clover-forest green) créme from Golden Rose Paris (unfortunately, there are two tags on my polish bottle and I can't find the number.. Oops! Sorry about that.) which is perfect and I chose to keep it on my nails after swatching it. It's a beautiful colour and, knowing that I have some kind of obsession for green, it was the perfet idea to both stay away from a huge mess and have some polish on my nails. It applied very smooth, and even though it's a perfect one-coater, for some of you it might seem sheer, so here are shown 3 coats (even though 2 were enough, but I like vibrant, opaque colours). And even more, because I had no problems with smudging or something like this, I added today 2 more coats. I have to admit, I could never wear more than 2 or 3 coats of polish on my nails (because either I applied them too thick, or the polishes were too thick), so it's something really unbelievable for me! *laughing* But I absolutely love the Golden Rose polishes for THIS feature (and for the affordable price, variety of colours, and availability in m country).

And, because I promised to show you more pics of my Almond/Stiletto nails, I have some bad news. I couldn't take too many pictures. Instead, here's the most recent picture before they all broke.

Yup, they were really sharp. But I liked them. And even the others (including boys!) seemed to like them, some telling me they'd make a very useful weapon. And so it was! Although, now I'm a bit "weak", as my nails are round/oval again. *sad face* Anyway, I'll keep shaping my nails like this everytime they grow a lot.

What do you think about changing the nails' shape very often? Send me your opinion through a comment. Kisses! xx

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