sâmbătă, 18 mai 2013

Another Quick Swatch

Oh My God I'm actually dying here! 4 posts IN A DAY!

Sorry but I promised to do another fresh swatch, so here it is!

Sorry for the mess, I didn't have time to clean it up.. And yeah, again, it took a while to focus quite good on my nails. This is a beautiful sheer-to-opaque cotton candy (should I say?) pink from Gabrini. This collection's polishes shine really nice and you don't even need to apply top coat! I really love it because it has a subtle shimmery tint and, even though it'd make a perfect two-coater, I prefer to apply a 3rd one just to make sure it looks really opaque. I'm not the kind which'd be happy with a sheer polish, unless it's a jelly one.

Although I really like it, I'll give it up for my Mineral Fix treatment.

Another new post!

Okay, this is crazy! It's the 3rd post for today!

Anyway, I'm really happy that I finally found my camera, so that I don't have to use my phone (well, at least when I can't use my camera).

And by the way, sorry for the quality of the 1st picture, it didn't focus too well (even though it was set on macro, sometimes it just doesn't focus too well). Today I was fooling around with the camera and decided to also take some pictures of my nails. And sorry about their horrible look, I took the pictures before applying any polish. I usually apply a thin coat of AVON Mineral Fix or two, and it really helps. Its sheer pink-orange colour makes the nails look really healthy! I love it!

Aaaaaand here's the camera I use: Canon Power Shot S2 IS. I've had it for a few years so ignore the chipping on its side. And sorry for the blurriness, my hand was shaking for no reason.

Nail Care - Episode 2


For today's episode of Nail Care, my "little help" is Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. As I was browsing her blog looking for a solution to get my cuticles out of sight and keep them less dry and damaged, I found THIS post.

The steps for a flawles manicure are pretty simple:

1. You need hand cream or cuticle balm/gel which you apply on cuticles and skin around nails.

2. Cut the any skin hangs and if, you have thick, dry skin, be very, very careful when trying to remove it. You don't want to hurt yourself.

3. Even though i used to cut my cuticles, I strongly advise you NOT to. You expose yourself to infections (I had no such problems, though). Besides, it's better and easier to push them back with either your thumb nail, or a cuticle pusher.

I also advise you to apply some extra cream on cuticles and skin around nails to keep them moisturized.

Here's a little preview of my attempt. I used three of my favourite products from AVON (in order from left to right): Today Tomorrow Always Body Cream, Nail Experts Cuticle Balm (mum and I have had it for a while and now it's very little, but it's really helpful and we think of buying another tin!)  and AVON Naturals Beeswax Essential Balm. In order to see which one I should use for the other hand, I tested them all like this: thumb - body cream; index + middle - cuticle balm; ring + pinky - beeswax balm. Even though the cuticle balm was obviously thr best choice, I used the body cream instead, as it offered better moisture level to my skin. And also, it smells sooooo nice! Because I'm not the kind to apply them directly on cuticles with my fingers, I used a small-to-medium makeup brush. And, as you can see in the last picture, there are visible results from the first time!

I hope this helps you, too, and I want to personally thank Sarah for her extremely good advice. See you soon! xx

Quick Swatch

Hello, sweethearts!

Today I'm going to post a quite recent swatch for a jelly polish I made. It's so far my favourite polish ever! I can wear it anytime, even when I go to school.

This is Golden Rose Paris #08. It's a nude jelly polish, very cute, and it has very very subtle shimmer. I wanted to make it even shimmery-er, so I mixed it with two top-coaters: one with tiny bars and one with white, golden and red shimmer. It turned out so awesome!
In the first picture it's shown under daylight, and the other ones under neon light.

luni, 6 mai 2013

Double Swatch

Hello, guys! I know it's been a while since I've last posted on this blog.

Here's the upcoming post I told you about in my last post.

And yeah, sorry but ALL my nails broke (also, two of them broke AGAIN!) and I had to re-shape them. Not that they hadn't been a very useful weapon for a few weeks but meh..

Anyway, the first polish is Flormar #424. It's some kind of seafoam green créme, and when I took the pictures I couldn't capture its actual colour (and because of the laziness I didn't edit the pictures to make the colours look like the real ones). I had a bit of bad luck with this one, and I'll tell you some reasons:
1. When I bought it, it was very, very, VERY thick and I had to dillute it. Unfortunately, I didn't see that I added acetone. Anyway, it all became a huge mess, as it was still thick, so I added more, still unaware that I kept adding acetone.
2. Before dilluting it, I noticed that my polish bottle was only HALF filled, so I may have not been its first user..
3. After dilluting it, it was still a bit thick and uncontrollable, but I managed to apply 2 thin and 2 thick coats on my nails. And, obviously, as if I wasn't angry enough, I accidentally poured some polish on my desk! And on some other polishes! Great. -.-
And, as if it wasn't enough, I couldn't remove it with a cotton pad and acetone! I had to scratch it off my nails. Double great!

I had way more luck with this one! This is a true green (or clover-forest green) créme from Golden Rose Paris (unfortunately, there are two tags on my polish bottle and I can't find the number.. Oops! Sorry about that.) which is perfect and I chose to keep it on my nails after swatching it. It's a beautiful colour and, knowing that I have some kind of obsession for green, it was the perfet idea to both stay away from a huge mess and have some polish on my nails. It applied very smooth, and even though it's a perfect one-coater, for some of you it might seem sheer, so here are shown 3 coats (even though 2 were enough, but I like vibrant, opaque colours). And even more, because I had no problems with smudging or something like this, I added today 2 more coats. I have to admit, I could never wear more than 2 or 3 coats of polish on my nails (because either I applied them too thick, or the polishes were too thick), so it's something really unbelievable for me! *laughing* But I absolutely love the Golden Rose polishes for THIS feature (and for the affordable price, variety of colours, and availability in m country).

And, because I promised to show you more pics of my Almond/Stiletto nails, I have some bad news. I couldn't take too many pictures. Instead, here's the most recent picture before they all broke.

Yup, they were really sharp. But I liked them. And even the others (including boys!) seemed to like them, some telling me they'd make a very useful weapon. And so it was! Although, now I'm a bit "weak", as my nails are round/oval again. *sad face* Anyway, I'll keep shaping my nails like this everytime they grow a lot.

What do you think about changing the nails' shape very often? Send me your opinion through a comment. Kisses! xx