duminică, 29 septembrie 2013

eBay Order Post! (+ Extras; Pic-Heavy!)


As promised ages ago, I'll review the products I ordered from eBay and received earlier this month.
I ordered this set of 15 nail art brushes and 10 acrylic paints, and I got a palette for the acrylics.

They were about $6, and I got them from Hong Kong. They arrived in almost 3 weeks, and the only thing that kinda annoyed me was that I received the package OPENED! (due to the US toll rules, they had to check the package to make sure it didn't contain flammable things, drugs or something like that..)
Anyway, I was so damn excited that I even did a manicure the same evening! The acrylics are highly pigmented, yet some of them were quite watery (?) so I had to apply them three times.

 (All done with acrylics except for the bases)
(Again, all done with acrylics except for the bases and the thumb nail, which I did a glequin row on)

This evening, I did my nails AGAIN, using the dotting tool included in the set.
And yep, guys, I have some more goodies! The first one is a nail growth treatment from Chissa which has visible results in just 3 days of wearing 2 coats alone! I've just re-begun the treatment yesterday, so I shortened them to show you the progress. The second one is a quick-dry top coat from Flormar which also gives extra shine to the nails (applied directly on them) and polishes (applied in one thin coat). The third one is a mini AlixAvien ShinePlus nail polish, which I got in a gorgeous red. It's so tiny and cute, yet really pigmented! And finally, the last one is a polish I ordered from AVON and received 2 days ago, it's the beautiful Nailwear Pro+ shade, "Sweet Pea Dream". It's a gorgeous nude crelly with very fine gold glitter and scattered holo glitters.I think it resembles a bit the collab shade "Majesty" from pIcture pOlish, because it's basically perfect for every skin tone, and for every occasion! I wore it at school and it was unnoticeable -until the gold glitters decided to show up-. Anyway, I also wore it on a day out in town with my friends, and I think I'll also wear it at my prom. It's so beautiful, I'd wear it for ever! It's definitely on my "Restock" list.

 (My thumb nail, which had some sort of dreamcatcher with a triangle instead of feather on the middle row, wasn't in the mood for taking pictures..)
That's it for now, I'll see you quite soon. Kisses! xx

miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013

Metallic Gold Nails

Quick post. I won't talk too much about these lovelies, they are more gorgeous in person!

Nails from YesLove, extra top coat: Flormar QuickDry Extra Shine.

That's it for a while, see you soon. Kisses! xx

marți, 3 septembrie 2013

TTC #4 - Water Marble (FAIL!)

No. Words. Just. Check. The. Photos. And. Die!

Yep, my first attempt on dry water marble was such a HUGE FAIL! I'll do it again when I'll definitely have more time.

Until then, "enjoy" this big fail.. (Oh, and ignore the mess on the desk)

P.S.: The only marbled nails I like are the ones I did with the textured polish I did out of Essence Black Is Back and a small container of glitter, my brand new speckled polish from YesLove and a milky white from Gabrini.

luni, 2 septembrie 2013

Holiday Haul & Manicures (Pic-Heavy!)


That's right, I'm back from my trip to Itterswiller, a lovely city in the region of France called Alsace. The thing I definitely loved was the view I enjoyed every single morning, as the guest house we stayed at was located on a family-business wine domain.

In just one week, we took the time to visit Paris, Strasbourg, Colmar and, in Germany we went to Europa-Park in Rust, and also visited Zürich in Switzerland. I have to say that I hate Zürich, because I got "attacked" by bees. The big "up" is that, even though I've been pinched twice, one time after another, the second time I couldn't get all the venom out, so of course my arms hurt a lot, but I heard that bees venom is good for treating some health issues. Just imagine - some people out there would've even sold their houses to be me. (because, you know, health isn't that cheap)

Anyway, let's go straight to the subject.

The first part of this post, actually, is the holiday haul. I just couldn't leave France without getting some nail stuff, so I grabbed these 3 polishes from YesLove and D'Donna, plus the pack of metallic gold press-ons for 5€. (and here's also the mani part)

 (I was a bit disappointed because the glue spreaded all over my cuticles -I also messed up a nail on the front side- and I even glued together two of my fingers.. I'll definitely wear them again, but sticking them to my nails with another glue)

(in order: YesLove 023 -azure-, D'Donna Acid No. 57 -neon yellow-, YesLove 578 -speckled mint & choco chip-)

I also took some photos in dark light, to show how bright the acid yellow is (sorry for the quality, my camera went crazy when capturing the yellow).

(Shown in blue light, in the car)

Just a short addition: after just one day of wearing, the azure polish chipped on the tips, and when I peeled some bits off, they were a bit of latex-resembling. (Awkward..)

Moving on to the fashion part, I bought a gorgeous dress with a studded star print, also for 5€, a bag with hand-sewed print for 13€, the Playboy VIP eau de toilette for 11€, a pair of high-waisted jeans for 15€ and -because I'm madly in love with them-, a pair of platform sneakers for 10€.

(I know, I'm such a child, but it was the last bag of this kind and I bought it for high school, because it would hold more and bigger school stuff than the others available)

 And here's a small gift from out guests: three tiny jars of jam made out of wine, with added sugar and pectine.

(In order: Gewurztraminer, Pinot-Noir, Pinot-Gris, all of them made out of their own and best wines; ignore the polish chipping on my ring nail)
And now a few extra photos:

 (The best birthday surprise ever!)

 (The Statue Of Liberty in.. France? -at Colmar-)

 (The best macarons in the whole France -and world-)
 (Spray art in the centre of Colmar)

 (A short trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg)

 (Lunch at our guests' restaurant in Strasbourg)

 (Stunning view from the top of the Eiffel Tower!)

 (Been there, done that!)

 (I've always wanted to try a traditional crépe, so I ordered one with bananas and Nutella)

 (In Zürich.. I still think it was a bad idea to spray Playboy VIP on my top before leaving)
 (Ready to go to Europa-Park)

(My dad's hoodie is still the best piece of clothing I'd wear in the mornings, while having breakfast)

Okay, so that's it for today (I guess), I'll see you really soon with the Techniques Challenge - Water Marble! Kisses and enjoy! xx

luni, 26 august 2013

TTC #3 - Stamping

Hello, and welcome to the newest Techniques Challenge: STAMPING!

Straight to the subject: until last Thursday, I wanted to freehand a model from a stamping plate but couldn't decide which to do, so I went in town at Just Cosmetics (for the ones living in Bucharest, there's a shop on 16, I.C. Bratianu Blvd) and bought a stamping kit which includes a plate, a stamper and a scraper (which I definitely didn't use because it didn't scrape well, so I used an old credit card).

This is my manicure, each stamp besides the flowers on the thumbs was done twice:

(The hand wash is Lagoon from Sephora, with blue algae extract)

This is a scheduled post, so check out NailGlaze's blog for the full list with the other manicures because I was in a hurry, by the time you're reading this, I'll be in France, probably sleeping, having a shower, or out in town, who knows? See you as soon as I come back, meaning after September 2nd. Kisses! xx

luni, 19 august 2013

TTC #2 - Ikat Nails


This time, I'm not late. Yayyyyyy!

Today's TTC theme is "Ikat Nails", so here's my manicure!

The polishes I used are Essence Black Is Back, Essence Grey-t To Be Here, Leydi 761, Lacquer Land Fusion and a white nail art striper.

Just a quick announcement: I'll only ship to Romania, and probably starting from September. I'm not able to ship until then, and also because I'll soon leave to France.

Check out the other pals' manicures:
Enjoy and I'll see you  as soon as I return from France! xx

duminică, 18 august 2013

Summer Dotticure


I know, I've been off for a lot of time, but here's a quite new post!

Last week, or 2 weeks ago, I went to the countryside. Bad decision to have chosen to wear press-on nails. Besides I almost broke 2 of them, I even lost one!

Anyway, here's the manicure, done with a lovely indigo from Golden Rose Paris and a bright peachy-coral from Classics:

Enjoy, and I'll see you soon with the challenge post!

P.S.: Expect some more manicures when I return from France.