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Nail Treatment Tip

And also, I couldn't forget to share a very useful tip for you all (and a product).

You can find different natural nail treatments at pharmacies or at different stores where are sold only natural products.

A very useful treatment would be the medical herbs nails&cuticle oil. You just have to apply a bit on the nails, cuticles and dry skin around them (and not just around nails, I added a bit of cuticle oil on a scratch from my cat and the next day it looked a lot more healed!).

Here, I have my medical herbs oil from Moraz (I've had it for a while, like 1 or 2 years; you don't have to worry if you can't use it all in a short time, it doesn't have an expiration date). Here's a tip which really helps: if you have only about 1/3 or 1/4 left in the bottle and you can't reach it too easy, you can mix it with some olive oil (which is also very good for nails and dry skin). The mixing of the oil will only have a better result on your nails and dry skin. But I advise you: don't use it on all the dry skin of the body. This oil is especially made for the hand and feet treatment because we all know these parts of our body are the most exposed to skin-drying.

I hope this tip is useful for all of you. Also, here's a bonus: it doesn't usually cost too much, I won it on a magazine giveaway together with other products such as lip balm and hand cream, also from the same brand. I searched for its price on the Internet on the official Moraz site (for Romania) and you only have to pay for the shipping (don't worry about the shipping to other countries: Moraz sells and ships worldwide!).

These nails&cuticle oils are usually made out of the following plants: Polygonum extract 99% (the percentage for this oil treatment) , Artemisia vulgaris, Myrtus communis, Salvia officinalis. If your product has at least one of these plants in it (be sure to check the ingredients!) then you've chosen a good product. Wonder why? These ingredients penetrate the deepest skin and nail layers, yet you have to be very patient if you want to have visible results in a short time: these oil treatments MUST be applied for at least half an hour, so it's recommended to do this when you're watching a movie (which doesn't involve eating something using your hands), reading a book, listening to music or simply relaxing.

I hope this is also useful, if these treatments work for you, too, leave a comment, mentioning what brand the product is from and how long you've followed the treatment. xx

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