sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013

Upcoming Post

Hello! I know I haven't been on for a looooonggggg time! But I'm very busy with school right now.

I really want to post a recent mani, but.. I haven't done any lately. (Sorry 'bout that) I think I'll just do a swatch for a polish and post it soon, so I can post both a swatch and a pic of my brand-new, "upgraded" almond/stiletto nails. I'm just giving you a clue: they aren't as round as before. They don't tend more to a "U" shape than to a "V", so yeah, I think you got it all.

Anyway, just not to leave this post picture-free, I'll post one right now.

Okay, so I miss the Caramel Frappuccino a lot already! Haven't had one since last year (saying that because I had the last one in December). Can't wait to get some money and go get one. I gotta refill my monthly Starbucks dose (which hasn't been refilled ever since). Love you all! xx

marți, 16 aprilie 2013

Late post for Polish Days

Hello guys! Yes, I know I should've posted my Polish Days "7 Deadly Sins" nail-art earlier but I found out about it a bit too late and I also couldn't upload the pics (my schedule has been very busy lately).

Anyway, here is my nail art.

Left hand (in order from thumb to pinky): Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, Lust. (and yes, I used caviar beads for the index nail)

Right hand, which was a quite big disaster -besides the ring nail- (from thumb to pinky): Sloth, Greed, Lust/Pride, Envy, Lust.

What do you think about this nail-art? It might look awkward because I used a matte top coat with purple glitter which kinda ruined it all. On the middle nail (right), it was supposed to be a border/dark forest pattern (see those tiny branches on the purple base?)

I'll soon update the blog with some more recent manis, knowing that I've sharpened my almond/stiletto nails even more! So now, whoever makes me mad is gonna get hurt. *evil laughing* Nah, just kidding. I think I'll post a new mani these days. Love you all! xx

luni, 8 aprilie 2013

Tip of the week - "Smokey" issues

Hello! How's everyone?

Recently, I've been told about this issue: some girls smoke and they don't know how to get the smell of the smoke from their nails (and hand skin). Here are some useful tips, and I've also tried them (I don't smoke, I tried them after holding an already lit cigarette in my right hand).

1. If you don't really use to do your nails, I strongly advise you to apply at least a thin layer of clear polish, which you can wipe away with polish remover after you smoke. Wanna know why? It's way better than having your nails bare and catch all the smoke directly on them. So, it's simple. Just apply some clear polish, you also protect your nails.

2. If you have your nails done but don't want to wipe them away, it's actually easy (and it's also a tip for skin). You can wash your hands and nails with alchohol for medicinal usage. Not that you only get rid of the smell of the smoke, you also disinfect your skin, which is good.

3. Also, you can spray some perfume on your fingers - your hands will also smell nice. Here's an addition, as the smell of the smoke still doesn't "leave" the nails, so just wipe them very quickly with alchohol or polish remover (don't press on the nail, just wipe, like taking off dust -sorry, it was the first thing that came on my mind as a movement to associate-. Of course you don't want to ruin your manicure!)

I think I'll soon try some more manicures following Chelsea King's tutorials on YouTube at www.youtube.com/getnailedd and I'll also think of some fashion inspiration (or events.. now it depends if I can find out about about an upcoming event, like a fashion show or something like this).

Oh and also, don't forget that this month is dedicated to autism. If you go on Instagram you'll find as hashtag #bluenailsforautism and quite soon I'm going to do some manicures and make ONE post with all the nail-arts. Love you all!

Again, if you want to share your nail art with me, you can feel free to post either a link (if you post them on the internet) or simply tell me which pattern(s) you chose. You can also leave suggestions for nail-art. In a few years I'll take nail-art classes so I want to improve my technique. If you have any ideas which could help me, leave a comment below! xx

By the way, what do you think about skeleton shirts? I'm really looking forward to buying or making one for the summer. Here's a preview of what I'll try to do out of a quite large T-shirt. (picture from Internet, not mine!)

duminică, 7 aprilie 2013

Stiletto/Almond Nails

Okay, so here's the most recent mani. I decided round/oval/square nails are too mainstream, boring, whatever.

So, I dediced to change the shape of my nails from round/oval to almond/stiletto!

Here's the final result, and the mani.

Actually, it's quite simple to get this almond-like look .You just have to file your nails in a V to U - not too sharp, but not too round. Of course you have to file them quite a lot, and knowing that some of my nails are a bit short, I had to file until sharpened those ones pretty much. With the longer ones, it was easier. After adding a thin base coat, I did each nail one by one, layering two coats of polish then with a wet Q-tip picked rhinestones and placed them on the wet polish. After that, I added top coat and, after it was fully dried, I dabbed a bit around each rhinestone, just to make sure they won't slip. (actually, you have to to this -dabbing clear polish around the rhinestone- quite daily, just to make sure they stay).

So far, this is my favourite nail shape, and I had to wait a while before shaping them, as you need mid-length nails or, if you used to bite them, at least let them grow until they cover the whole finger, or just do it when you want. Just be careful not to file the nail apart from the grown part too much. Enjoy! xx

Tribal Nails

Hello, guys! How's everyone?

2 days ago I wanted so bad to do some tribal nails, so here's the result!

Here, I used two coats of each polish over a thin base coat. Then, with a nail art striper, I drew the patterns and did the dots with a toothpick. I know, they don't really look like tribal nails, but I was really bored while doing them and I was like: nah, no problem, just do them.

I'll soon post the most recent mani, even though it's kinda simple, boring, whatever. Enjoy! xx

marți, 2 aprilie 2013

Random Nails

Okay, I couldn't help but show you the most amazing manicure I've done so far. I did it last week, on Tuesday.

The patterns are, in order, from left hand to right hand, like this: Antique, Flowers, Camouflage, Tribal print, Tie-Dye, Cut-Out, Saran Wrap, Watercolor, Glitter Border, Misonni.

I was actually amazed when I saw they only took me an hour! (I expected a bit more, like 2 or 3..)

You can find the tutorials on getnailedd's YouTube channel. She (Chelsea King) has some great tutorials which are also the easiest to do (in my opinion).

I used pretty many colors and I don't really have time to name each one of them, but you can actually use any color (for the Cut-Out you need black everytime, and for the Antique, silver frost looks the best; and don't forget to ALWAYS begin the Watercolor with a dry white base!).

Hope this helps you find a new mani, and enjoy! xx

Glitter Crowns + Extra Tip

Hello people! How's everyone?

First, I want to say I'm SOOOO happy nobody fooled me yesterday. Instead, I fooled my best friend. It was so funny seeing that she really believed my joke! It's all like this. I told her about a party I had at the beginning of March and then said I slept with this guy from the party and realised now that I'm pregnant and after panicking her, I shouted "April Fools Day!" and she ran after me in the whole school screaming "I'm gonna kill you!" and it was so funny, we are still laughing about it! Even the others laughed so hard when they heard my prank.

Anyway, here's my latest manicure. I love doing glittery French nails, but now I thought it'd be too bare, so I decided to do some white "crowns".

This is quite simple, even though I chose to do it a bit more difficult. As I can't really freehand a French manicure, I chose to try doing it with a nail-art striper and it came out really nice! Also, I dipped a toothpick in some white polish and did the crown thingys at the base of the nail. I used my new (and best ever!) nail hardener as both base and top coat.

And I also have a tip for you, just so I won't forget it. If you have a jelly polish (those ones who aren't as opaque as the others), you can divide it into halfs and mix it with glitter, so you won't have to buy a new one. You can find jelly polishes from Golden Rose Paris (they have, as an example, two beautiful midnight-blue tones which'd go great with golden or silver glitter, holo or hexes). Hope you like it. Enjoy! xx

luni, 1 aprilie 2013

Galaxy Nails Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today's post is about the galaxy nails, as I fell in love with it from the first time I saw this kind of nails. And here's the tutorial.

Okay, so here is a list of what you'll need:
-black nail polish (preferrably Essie Licorice)
-coloured nail polish (in blue, green, purple frost and pink, or yellow)
-white nail polish
-make-up sponge (you can also use a piece of normal sponge or an unused one for washing the dishes.. it doesn't really matter what kind, it just needs to be a sponge, I've tried with both dishes and make-up sponge and tey both worked well, but it's up to you which one you'll choose)
-top coat with glitter (it can either be micro glitter or with hexes, bars etc., it depends on how you want it to look in the end)

(sorry for the quality, my hands were a bit shaky..)

First, I suggest adding a thin layer of base coat on your nails (the best I recommend is the Mineral Fix hardener from AVON, but it can also be any hardener you own). Then, add a coat of black polish. After it's fully dried, on two layered paper plates (or wax paper, or simply paper.. i use a post-it or two, depends on how many colors I use and how much.. or what patterns I do). Slightly dip a corner of the make-up sponge in the polish and dab an oblic line through the center of the nail. After that, choose one of the colors to dab in the lower left corner. Keep doing this with the other corners left, and even dab a bit on the white. In the upper left and lower right corners dab a bit of black and finish with a glittery top coat. (I chose one which was a bit gold so it all looked quite yellow.. and sorry for the quality, I zoomed each picture).
Here's a tip: if you think the white left in the centre isn't as.. white, dab a bit more, as I did in the 5th picture. But just a bit, not the whole spot!

Well, I hope it helped. I also know how to do it on clothes! You need some non-printed black clothing and clothing dye (try to get more white than other colors, and also get black!). It;s the same thing, you just do it more times and not the same (I mean, let's say you do it on the knee; do it a bit less when you go up to the waistline or down to the ankles and keep repeating it, the result will be awesome!).

Enjoy! xx