duminică, 7 aprilie 2013

Stiletto/Almond Nails

Okay, so here's the most recent mani. I decided round/oval/square nails are too mainstream, boring, whatever.

So, I dediced to change the shape of my nails from round/oval to almond/stiletto!

Here's the final result, and the mani.

Actually, it's quite simple to get this almond-like look .You just have to file your nails in a V to U - not too sharp, but not too round. Of course you have to file them quite a lot, and knowing that some of my nails are a bit short, I had to file until sharpened those ones pretty much. With the longer ones, it was easier. After adding a thin base coat, I did each nail one by one, layering two coats of polish then with a wet Q-tip picked rhinestones and placed them on the wet polish. After that, I added top coat and, after it was fully dried, I dabbed a bit around each rhinestone, just to make sure they won't slip. (actually, you have to to this -dabbing clear polish around the rhinestone- quite daily, just to make sure they stay).

So far, this is my favourite nail shape, and I had to wait a while before shaping them, as you need mid-length nails or, if you used to bite them, at least let them grow until they cover the whole finger, or just do it when you want. Just be careful not to file the nail apart from the grown part too much. Enjoy! xx

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