marți, 2 aprilie 2013

Random Nails

Okay, I couldn't help but show you the most amazing manicure I've done so far. I did it last week, on Tuesday.

The patterns are, in order, from left hand to right hand, like this: Antique, Flowers, Camouflage, Tribal print, Tie-Dye, Cut-Out, Saran Wrap, Watercolor, Glitter Border, Misonni.

I was actually amazed when I saw they only took me an hour! (I expected a bit more, like 2 or 3..)

You can find the tutorials on getnailedd's YouTube channel. She (Chelsea King) has some great tutorials which are also the easiest to do (in my opinion).

I used pretty many colors and I don't really have time to name each one of them, but you can actually use any color (for the Cut-Out you need black everytime, and for the Antique, silver frost looks the best; and don't forget to ALWAYS begin the Watercolor with a dry white base!).

Hope this helps you find a new mani, and enjoy! xx

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