miercuri, 31 iulie 2013

Lacquer Land Release!

Hello, guys!

Today, I have a special post.

First, a bit of organising, shall we? I currently have 1, 2.. 15, 16.. 17 polishes! (they're actually 17 because I used the last few drops of green for.. something, I can't say anything else.. Oh, and there are also 3 polishes which you'll find out about if you keep reading) I must say, I'm quite disappointed by the Maybelline polish, when I removed it, my fingers were turquoise, and I struggled to get my nails less.. coloured (the pigment stayed on the nail and I used 3 cotton pads with acetone to remove some of it, but I just couldn't get it off my nails.. Maybe I should've peeled it). I guess I'll never use it again on a bare nail (even though I had applied two layers of base coat), but when I'll do gradient nails (especially with my lovely yellow jelly).

The polish I'll swatch and review today is Lacquer Land Paradise.

And yeah, now you'll all be like: "Lacquer Land? I've never heard about this brand!" Of course you haven't, because.. It's my -unreleased yet- indie brand!

I started this a little while ago, when I wanted to send one of my frankens to a blogger. I currently have 4 Lacquer Land polishes in the "Crazy For Greens" collection, which is also the first one, and 3 of them are going to be soon delivered! I make polishes to people's requests, I still have 4 more requests to do and surely will have more! If you want to place an order, remember: there'll never be two identical polishes! Each one is different, as they're made to order. And also, the tags are all handmade, so their shapes, backgrounds and extras will automatically be different from a bottle to another.

You must request at least one polish to place an order, and some of you will also get a surprise polish, which you'll discover in the moment you receive your package. The pricves will be in EUR or GBP, and they depend on the complexity level of each request. For example, if you want a pale violet with glitters, this is a low complexity level, so it would cost about 1.5 GBP (1 to 1.6 EUR).  If you want a mix of more colours and glitters/flecks (just an example), this would be a high complexity level, so the price would be around 4 to 5 GBP (5 to 6 EUR). Place your orders (requests) and number of bottles at silvia.simion@gmail.com . You might be lucky and also get a gift!

Anyway, I talk too much. Presenting Lacquer Land Paradise! It's a gorgeous mix of sky blue, baby blue and 2 different teal tones, packed up with multicoloured glitters and tiny crimson hexes. I built this opacity in 2 coats, but I think 1 thick coat could've worked as well as 2 thin coats. Below are some pictures. Kisses! xx

How it looks like in the bottle (before adding tags)

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