vineri, 2 august 2013

Attention! Frankening In Progress!


Short and to-subject, here are some newbies for my upcoming Lacuer Land collections: Leydi 845 (golden glitter), Leydi 761 (I like to call it a bright apple green crelly), Gabrini 308 (cotton candy pink), deep blue diamond glequins, orange bar glitters, Fimo bows, black glitter.

A bit about the prices: the Leydi polishes were $0.59, the Gabrini one was $0.89, the tiny bottles were $0.29 each, and the black glitter was $0.75. Great prices, AND the greatest shop! My sister suggested it to me after buying me some light pink caviar beads, a few polishes and a "flower" press-on nails display. I also found flocking powder, nail charms, gold and silver foil, LOTS of polishes, nail treatments, nail art brushes (from stripers to clean-up brushes and even fan brushes!), acrylic paints, millions of sorts of glitters, caviar beads, rhinestones, glequins, nail tools, nail art stickers, tips, Fimo bars, I think I also found some water decals, and MAAAAAAANY others! The prices are great, I think I should start saving money, I NEED to go back there as soon as possible!

Don't forget, I'm still working on the first two collections, and soon opening an Etsy store, yayyyyyy! Sincerely, I never thought I would do this, my mom used to tell me it's not something I can earn money out of, but it seems her and dad are actually supporting me!

No mani, sorry guys, I'll post something tomorrow, maybe. Kisses! xx

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