joi, 11 iulie 2013

Nail Skittles

Hello, guys!

My surgery went awesome, now I'm recovering at home and the pain at the top of my throat goes away more and more by each day.

This was supposed to be a full-of-tags post, but Blogger only allows me 200 characters for tags, so..

Anyway, this mani is something I've wanted to do for a while. It's a skittle mani. For this one, I chose to do th following nail-art models:
-Waterfall (inspired by Sammy from The Nailasaurus)
-Honeycomb (unfortunately, the glequins curled at the sides)
-Half Moon
-Double Chevron
-Dream Catcher
-Caviar Border

I used about 14 polishes, so I won't be able to list them all. I got the caviar beads at a really low price - about 30p, if I remember well - and I still have 1/4 of the tiny bottle. I bought the glequins mixed up with hearts and stars in a medium-sized (?) container. For placing them all, I used a toothpick and some clear polish blobbed on a sticky note.

The beads' placing for those nails took me neither more, nor less than half an hour, and also, I was pretty annoyed that my glequins and the star on the right pinky nail curled and couldn't stick too well without two or three very thin coats of my top coat. Saying very thin, because I used too much thinner and it got very watery. Hoping I could make the glequins stay on my nails (and actually managed to!), I dotted some silver polish where 2 or 3 of them met. I also used a glitter franken I did a while ago, mixing a bottle of fine gold, silver and red glitter in a gold tinted base with a bottle of clear-based, silver bar glitter. This polish caught TONS of tiny air bubbles (the way some others did, too), but (don't ask why) it looks really cute!

The right pinky nail required several coats of top coat, so goodbye, matte finish!

This is such a long post, but I hope you like it. If you mind giving some models a try, leave links to posts in your comments. Kisses! xx

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