vineri, 5 iulie 2013

Spun Sugar Nails


This will be the last post for a while, but I'm looking forward to having a guest post on Monday, if possible.

Anyway, here's a fresh post and, because I was so excited to share it with you, I haven't done my right hand yet.

It's about Spun Sugar nails. Here are the steps.

1. Choose a base colour (I chose 3 jelly polishes for this one: GR 209, Gabrini S01 -pink- and Gabrini S12 - turquoise).

2. Apply some greasy cream around your nails and on your fingers (I used my essential beeswax balm). Scotch tape might work well, too!

3. Add a few drops of a different polish on wax paper or something else useful (I used an adhesive note).

4. Give it 5-10 minutes to get tacky, then stir with a toothpick. Slowly lift the toothpick and, if the polish is stringy, you can apply it on the nail just like this: stir a bit in the polish, lift the toothpick and drag the polish string on the nail, and keep doing this until you reach the desired look.

5. The cleanup is easy: just remove the excess polish on your skin and cuticles with the toothpick, or simply remove the tape surrounding your nail. It's easier if you apply vaseline or chapstick on the skin, anything greasy keeps polish from drying on the skin, so you don't waste a lot of polish remover. Also, it's a lot less messy. And here's a useful tip: before the cleanup, slightly press the strings' ends on the sides of your nails. In this way, you can get a nicer finish after the full cleanup.

It's a 3D/textured pattern, so I recommend skipping top coat at leat for this manicure. Also, try to do it early during daytime, not in the evening, as the polish dries very slow, so you have to give it some time to make sure it won't be ruined by the next day.

You can also mix it with other patterns, like I did on my ring (Tribal-like + Spun Sugar) and index nails (Geometric + Spun Sugar).

God, I love how it feels! This will definitely be my must-have manicure this summer. Anyway, I hope this tutorial helps, and I'll see you again in 1-2 weeks. Fingers crossed for my surgery on Monday! xx

P.S.: Basically summer in Romania. -.- (The rain was pouring hard, unfortunately my camera wouldn't take a clear, unblurred shot.)

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