luni, 29 iulie 2013

Brand New!

Hello there!

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I'm here with a fresh post including my sweet newbies!

(Offtopic: again, I can't find my Canon camera, so I downloaded an app from Google Play Store which improved the quality of my pictures. Enjoy less blurriness! Aaaaaand my back-to-shorties nails. I have no idea why they keep breaking!)

Two days ago I bought some great Essence polishes, and today I bought a Maybelline Colorama and a glitter topper from Classics.

I was running out of black, so I bought Essence Black Is Back, a créme with such a perfect formula and it is perfectly opaque and super shiny in just two thin coats!

As I was looking through the Essence racks, I found the last bottle of Grey-t To Be Here. It's such a lovely polish! It's a light grey créme with a slight touch of fine iridescent (?) glitter in a cute pink tone. The glitter is hard to photograph, as I'd need to try different hand poses, but I actually captured it a bit.

Today, after my freshmens meeting, I went to Kendra and bought Maybelline Colo Rama 654 Super Power Blue, a rich azure ("creamy blue") polish. I swatched it in only one coat (yes, it's that opaque!) over Essence Black Is Back.

And, after that, while I was at the underground station, I popped into a small shop and bought Classics 180, the very last multi-coloured and holo glitter topper they had. Yay! It seems I had lots of luck, as the Maybelline polish was only one on full stock (about 10 in the Kendra store).

Anyway, I'll leave you with the swatches. Kisses! xx

Essence - Grey-t To Be Here (2 thin coats, 1 thin layer of top coat)

Essence - Black Is Back (2 thin coats, 1 thin layer of top coat)

Kendra rules!

Maybelline Colo Rama 654 Super Power Blue (1 thin coat over Black Is Back, no top coat)

Classics 180 (applied using the dabbing techinque over Black Is Back, no top coat)

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