marți, 30 iulie 2013

Skittle Mani


I'm not used yet to shorties and doing nail-art on them, but I couldn't wait anymore, so I grabbed (about) 13 polishes and cancelled everything for more than 2 hours to do this skittle mani.

Left hand (thumb to pinky): Glitter Gradient, Summer Ombré, Ruffian, Pink Galaxy, Caviar Chains.
Right hand (thumb to pinky): Glitter Flowers, Glitter Sandwich, Glitter Gradient, Caviar Chain, Light Ombré.

Here are the polishes I used as bases: Gabrini Elegant 300 (base coat), Leydi 700 (top coat), Golden Rose Paris 209 (yellow jelly), Golden Rose Paris in Forest Green (no number, sorry, I had to give it a name), Golden Rose Care + Strong 179 (neon orange-coral shimmer crelly), Golden Rose Care + Strong 172 (neon pink-fuchsia crelly), Maybelline Colo Rama 654 Super Power Blue (azure créme).

The polishes I used for the models are: Classics 180 (multi-colored & holo glitter topper), Essence Time For Romance (multi-dimensional round glitters, hexes and holo glitter in a sheer crimson base), Essence Chic Reloaded (black multichrome polish; shifts to purple, green and, sometimes, to golden), Essence Absolutely Blue (baby blue créme), Maybelline Colo Rama 654 Super Power Blue, Golden Rose Care + Strong in Silver (full-coverage silver shimmer mixed with fine silver glitters; again, no number on the tag), no-name white nail art polish, Golden Rose Paris 206 (pale pinkish-lilac crelly), Golden Rose Paris 108 (eggplant créme), Golden Rose Paris 209, Golden Rose Care + Strong 172.

I also used caviar beads, which I applied one by one onto the nails with a toothpick dipped in clear polish.

Below are some photos. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you really soon, probably with a summer-y ombré manicure. Kisses! xx

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