miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

Golden Rose Paris Swatch + Review


It's been a while since my last post, but here's the swatch I promised ages ago!

It's about Golden Rose Paris 209, the yellow polish I bought together with Essence Absolutely Blue (I used it a lot, so now there's only half of the polish left).

Here are a few things about this polish.

1. It's actually a true jelly polish, not a crelly, as I said before (maybe not really crelly, but something like that).

2. I found the applying of the first coat really tricky, as it didn't spread evenly, so there were obvious brush marks.

3. It dries really quick, and the formula is perfect, applies smoothly.

4. As I said, it's a jelly polish, so it requires several coats to build the desired opacity.

5. I love this color so much, and it seems this summer I'l wear it a lot!

I'd say more things about this awesome polish, but I think it would take ages to finish this post. Below are shown 4 coats, still not perfectly opaque but it's not very noticeable. And yeah, back to shorties, because three of my nails broke and I couldn't do anything about it but just.. cut them all. Anyway, I can handle things easier now, and I'm starting to like short nails. Is it normal? Kisses! xx

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