luni, 26 august 2013

TTC #3 - Stamping

Hello, and welcome to the newest Techniques Challenge: STAMPING!

Straight to the subject: until last Thursday, I wanted to freehand a model from a stamping plate but couldn't decide which to do, so I went in town at Just Cosmetics (for the ones living in Bucharest, there's a shop on 16, I.C. Bratianu Blvd) and bought a stamping kit which includes a plate, a stamper and a scraper (which I definitely didn't use because it didn't scrape well, so I used an old credit card).

This is my manicure, each stamp besides the flowers on the thumbs was done twice:

(The hand wash is Lagoon from Sephora, with blue algae extract)

This is a scheduled post, so check out NailGlaze's blog for the full list with the other manicures because I was in a hurry, by the time you're reading this, I'll be in France, probably sleeping, having a shower, or out in town, who knows? See you as soon as I come back, meaning after September 2nd. Kisses! xx

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