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Skittle Mani (+ Giveaway Entry)


I won't talk too much tonight. Josephine at Rainbows In A Jar is having a giveaway! You can send your entries via email or upload them on her Facebook page until Aug. 5! More information right HERE!

This is my brand new skittle mani, and also my entry. I have to say, I expected to want to keep it for longer, but I knew the cleanup would take a lot of time, as glitter can be such a pain in the behind sometimes! So, the best thing to do -being in a hurry- was peeling off the polish.

"Seriously? Peeling it off?! Like, isn't there any other, more nail-damaging solution?!" Yeah, I know, this is the main reason that caused my nails to have ridges (and a razor slipping on my left thumb nail, but it's a bit better now) but I wanted to get that damn black glitter off my nails! I promise I'll soon do a glequin mani, though I'm not sure when..

Uhm, no, that black thing is definitely NOT a liquid sand/textured polish. I applied a thick coat of Essence Black Is Back over Leydi 700, dipped my finger in matte black glitter, then brushed the excess off and applied a coat of Leydi 700 to make the glitter stay in its place.

For the rest of the nails, I used the jellies, glequins and Fimo bows listed in my latest post. While my left ring nail chose to wear a cute bow, the right one seemed to hate it, so I applied the diamond glequins (which will also feature in a new Lacquer Land "Crazy For Greens" polish, along with the orange bar glitters and the golden glitter topper from Leydi).

I won't give you too many details about the 2 new mixes, just that one resembles coffee (at least, that's what I relate it to; and another detail: for this one, I had to ruin the lovely pink on my ring nails). That's it for me, I'll see you soon with a glequin mani. Kisses! xx

(Josephine said she loved both my nails and the tag. Get it? A rainbow in a jar? The blog's title? No? Oh, okay then..)

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