marți, 4 iunie 2013

Sneak Peek - essence Swatches!

Hey there!

This Saturday, while I was in hospital (a few problems with my throat, no big deal), my sister went shopping and got me these beauties from Douglas:

The polishes are essence 122 Chic Reloaded (black color-shifting polish) and essence 112 Time For Romance (glitter top coat), and the lip gloss is essence 05 Berry Sorbet. And here's a short description for each of the polishes!

Chic Reloaded is a black color-shifting polish. It has shimmer which changes from green to reddish-purple depending by light.

Time For Romance is a beautiful top coater, made of multidimensional crimson glitter and mini hexes is a very sheer crimson base. 

They look really cute in the bottle, I wonder how Time For Romance looks on nails, though, layered in 2 coats over another polish or just on its own, in 3 coats. I'm thinking about layering these two polishes, maybe they'd look nice, but I think Chic Reloaded's duochrome effect wouldn't be noticeable anymore..

These were quite cheap, as I was told, yet I don't know which was their exact price.. I'll swatch them as soon as possible, and I'll also make a special post with a manicure I want to do for the upcoming prom this Friday. (Yayyyy!) I'll leave you with some more pictures. (Sorry, I couldn't find my Canon camera, so I had to use my phone to take them.)

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