duminică, 9 iunie 2013

essence Re-Swatch

Hey there!

I thought about re-swatching essence Time For Romance.

So, here it is!

First, I divided the nail into two parts ans covered each one with two different polishes from Golden Rose and Farmec. Fortunately, they were fully covered by two coats of Time For Romance and, as I said before, it looks and feels like a liquid sand.

I did this swatch on a press-on nail as I didn't really want to do my nails again and again. (I already imagine me having nails THAT long! God, it'd be hard to keep them, and even grow them, though..)

And here are a few photos from my end-of-school prom. I had my nails done in this colour, and my accent nails were the ring ones, covered with 3 coats of a Golden Rose Paris platinum-like frost.

(These are only the girls from my classroom.)

See you soon! xx

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