marți, 18 iunie 2013

DIY Nail Art Striper


Today I'll post a bit more, so here's the 1st post!

We all know nail art stripers aren't that easy and cheap to find, so why not make one?

1. Clean up a nail polish brush really well (I chose to do a striper for black polish, but you can do it for ANY polish you want).

2. Take a pair of scissors and cut the brush as much as desired.

3. Dip it in the bottle, then take it back out and trace a few lines on a piece of paper. If the size is not the desired one, repeat the first step until it's thin enough.

I did the same thing with some old out-of-use paint brushes to make longer stripers, and they turned out really well! As soon as I can, I'll show you a few designs which I'll be using the new stripers for. Kisses! xx

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