duminică, 29 septembrie 2013

eBay Order Post! (+ Extras; Pic-Heavy!)


As promised ages ago, I'll review the products I ordered from eBay and received earlier this month.
I ordered this set of 15 nail art brushes and 10 acrylic paints, and I got a palette for the acrylics.

They were about $6, and I got them from Hong Kong. They arrived in almost 3 weeks, and the only thing that kinda annoyed me was that I received the package OPENED! (due to the US toll rules, they had to check the package to make sure it didn't contain flammable things, drugs or something like that..)
Anyway, I was so damn excited that I even did a manicure the same evening! The acrylics are highly pigmented, yet some of them were quite watery (?) so I had to apply them three times.

 (All done with acrylics except for the bases)
(Again, all done with acrylics except for the bases and the thumb nail, which I did a glequin row on)

This evening, I did my nails AGAIN, using the dotting tool included in the set.
And yep, guys, I have some more goodies! The first one is a nail growth treatment from Chissa which has visible results in just 3 days of wearing 2 coats alone! I've just re-begun the treatment yesterday, so I shortened them to show you the progress. The second one is a quick-dry top coat from Flormar which also gives extra shine to the nails (applied directly on them) and polishes (applied in one thin coat). The third one is a mini AlixAvien ShinePlus nail polish, which I got in a gorgeous red. It's so tiny and cute, yet really pigmented! And finally, the last one is a polish I ordered from AVON and received 2 days ago, it's the beautiful Nailwear Pro+ shade, "Sweet Pea Dream". It's a gorgeous nude crelly with very fine gold glitter and scattered holo glitters.I think it resembles a bit the collab shade "Majesty" from pIcture pOlish, because it's basically perfect for every skin tone, and for every occasion! I wore it at school and it was unnoticeable -until the gold glitters decided to show up-. Anyway, I also wore it on a day out in town with my friends, and I think I'll also wear it at my prom. It's so beautiful, I'd wear it for ever! It's definitely on my "Restock" list.

 (My thumb nail, which had some sort of dreamcatcher with a triangle instead of feather on the middle row, wasn't in the mood for taking pictures..)
That's it for now, I'll see you quite soon. Kisses! xx

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