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Nail Care - Episode 2


For today's episode of Nail Care, my "little help" is Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. As I was browsing her blog looking for a solution to get my cuticles out of sight and keep them less dry and damaged, I found THIS post.

The steps for a flawles manicure are pretty simple:

1. You need hand cream or cuticle balm/gel which you apply on cuticles and skin around nails.

2. Cut the any skin hangs and if, you have thick, dry skin, be very, very careful when trying to remove it. You don't want to hurt yourself.

3. Even though i used to cut my cuticles, I strongly advise you NOT to. You expose yourself to infections (I had no such problems, though). Besides, it's better and easier to push them back with either your thumb nail, or a cuticle pusher.

I also advise you to apply some extra cream on cuticles and skin around nails to keep them moisturized.

Here's a little preview of my attempt. I used three of my favourite products from AVON (in order from left to right): Today Tomorrow Always Body Cream, Nail Experts Cuticle Balm (mum and I have had it for a while and now it's very little, but it's really helpful and we think of buying another tin!)  and AVON Naturals Beeswax Essential Balm. In order to see which one I should use for the other hand, I tested them all like this: thumb - body cream; index + middle - cuticle balm; ring + pinky - beeswax balm. Even though the cuticle balm was obviously thr best choice, I used the body cream instead, as it offered better moisture level to my skin. And also, it smells sooooo nice! Because I'm not the kind to apply them directly on cuticles with my fingers, I used a small-to-medium makeup brush. And, as you can see in the last picture, there are visible results from the first time!

I hope this helps you, too, and I want to personally thank Sarah for her extremely good advice. See you soon! xx

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