sâmbătă, 30 martie 2013

Sweet Missoni

Hello! How's everyone?

Today's mani is quite simple. It's about the Missoni manicure. I know, this is a quite difficult pattern which requires a lot of patience. Luckily, I made it a lot easier. I'll show you what I mean in the following picture:

Easy breezy, right? Because a manicure doesn't always mean doing ALL of your nails. You can only do one nail from each hand (it doesn't matter which one). I absolutely recommend this technique for the ones who like to keep it simple and not too eye-catching (even though one nail is MORE eye-catching than all of them). Here, I used , as base coat, the hardener in the picture from Chissa (tchee-sá) and, for the Missoni, Golden Rose Paris Baby Blue, some sort of jelly (I can't remember the brand, though..) and Golden Rose full-coverage silver glitter polish. For the top coat, I also used this jelly-like hardener, as I noticed from past experiences with this one that it makes the nails shinier (especially for the Saran Wrap manicure).

I hope you like this simple manicure, and if you have any suggestions for this one, leave a comment below. Love you lots! xx

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